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Ah, autumn; the season for brilliant colors, football games and political skulduggery. As Christians we should praise God for the beauty of his creation and the joy of athletic excellence but how should we deal with the realm of politics? To begin with it is important to accept the fact that there is no area of life that is exempt from the rule of God. Christians are called to engage every part of creation as they bring their sphere of influence under the authority of Jesus Christ. Believers must work to provide examples of how the kingdom of God is realized in every legitimate and moral pursuit. And yes, this includes the realm of politics with participation as candidates and voters alike. Yet, how shall we define “Christian politics?” What are the issues that must guide us as players in the game of government – again, as voters and candidates?

Paper Aeroplane making Lego robotCertainly there are the obvious issues that Christians may not ignore. No Christian can ever support a “pro-choice” (pro-death), position. Believers must always stand in defense of life from conception to natural death. Moreover, God fearing folk must affirm the sanctity of marriage – a covenant relationship between one man and one woman. We cannot support candidates who believe otherwise and we cannot run for office without these planks as part of our platform. However, when we move beyond these matters and begin to discuss the overall role of government we enter a realm where there is much disagreement among conservative Christians. Specifically there is disagreement concerning the size and scope of government. Although the Bible does not say exactly how far the reach of the civil authority should extend, it does teach us that the best government is self government under God. The whole of the Bible teaches us that each individual is responsible for his own actions and for the oversight of those under his immediate care.

The Scripture also reveals that none of the principal institutions is chief over the others. We are instructed to give honor where honor is due but we are also taught that the Family, Church and State are complimentary and each has its particular sphere of influence. This is an aspect of what is known as the “anti-sovereignty” doctrine. In other words, none of the basic institutions is sovereign over the others. Instead, each derives its authority from the Sovereign ruler of the universe and is thereby answerable to God. These things were understood by our nation’s Founding Fathers and so the constitutional government they bequeathed us rejected the idea of a sovereign state at any level. This anti-sovereignty doctrine, medieval in origin and Puritan in development, was transplanted from England to America. The Boston Tea Party was the burial of the sovereignty of the State as far as America was concerned. As a Christian and citizen of this nation, I want to encourage my fellow Believers to carefully consider their political participation this election season. No doubt you must vote pro-life and pro-family; I humbly suggest to you that you must also vote to restore the idea of separate and equal institutional spheres. I believe that failure to do so is to ignore the Bible, betray our national heritage and encourage the current slide into tyranny.

Given the popularity of crossovers in the US, it wasn’t necessarily a surprise when Ford said it intended to build a utility vehicle that leaned heavily on the Mustang for inspiration. What was more surprising was the fact that Ford said it would be electric. Since that initial announcement, the automaker hasn’t offered up too much information, but as we march steadily toward its eventual reveal, let’s take a look back and see what we know about this upcoming EV SUV so far. To date, we’ve only had one truly official teaser for the Mustang-inspired EV — a dark rendering that shows, well, a whole lot of Mustang rear-end design and not much else. The traditional taillight area of the Mustang translates well to a larger body, but then again, all the true SUV bits remain shrouded in the teaser, so there isn’t really much to go on. Many people believed that Ford had teased the ‘Stang-themed SUV in a series of videos discussing dispelling common electric-vehicle myths, and it would have been our best look yet, showing off an SUV shape shrouded in curve-covering camouflage.

From Arse To Elbow

Count Dankula and Sargon of Akkad, their utility is all about followers and name-recognition. This scramble for “personalities” might appear like another unfortunate by-product of Brexit, but it is part of a wider, long-term trend away from political substance towards style: from Tony Crosland to Jess Phillips. Much of contemporary politics can be seen as a failure of leadership, but one that reflects a systemic contradiction rather than an unfortunate dearth of talent. Neoliberalism places the CEO on a pedestal but then insists both that politicians should be more CEO-like and that politics must cede to the market. The result is politicians who are business administrators with delusions of Napoleonic grandeur. May’s particular failure reflects both the division of the country and the division of the Conservative Party. Her personal culpability lies in her belief that superficially uniting the latter was more important than bridging the divide in the former.

Within Tory ranks, the remain/leave divide has morphed into a more fundamental liberal/conservative culture war. According to Nick Timothy, “With Brexit and immigration the defining issues at stake, the Tories have no future as a metro, liberal party. They have to become the champions of community and solidarity. In other words, the National Party”. The contrast with Nigel Farage and his new Brexit Party is stark. In case you loved this informative article and you want to receive much more information relating to but the quality threw me off please visit the page. As Nick Timothy’s Telegraph article indicates, there is now an appetite within the Tory Party for a split. It is clear that around two-thirds of the membership would be happy with a “National Party” that featured not only Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg but Nigel Farage too. The one party that currently appears to be in a healthy state in terms of its leadership is Labour, funnily enough. This isn’t because Jeremy Corbyn is more cunning than he is given credit for, or simply because the party is on the right side of history, but because of its institutional preference for collegiate leadership. Viewed over its history, the “democratic centralisation” of the Blair years was the exception, not the rule. Corbyn has, perhaps more from habit than design, pursued an approach to leadership that is strong on genuine delegation, tolerant of disagreement and has little regard for stylistic affectation or the expectations of the media.

Always the best option is to be quiet listeners who will not speak until they are asked to speak and above all the main factor is the timing which is a vital thing which everyone should keep in mind. Everyone have their own traits and behavior which sometime are more dominant. In those cases, it is the responsibility of the person to handle it in order to achieve something. So if they have control and know to sift through their dominant traits then they can achieve a lot in their profession. To be successful, it will be good to have someone to follow. It helps you to achieve the heights and to be successful. If you want to get promotions then see to your superior’s trails and try to follow their work ethics in order to make it. In order to move ahead you can see to the other’s experience or you can try your own style.

Also you can devise your own style when you learn through the previous experience of the people. Also it is important that learn the experience which are good and will help you reach your heights. Office politics initially might seem simple but even it threatens you when it is at its peak and can go out of your hands that really results in the lost of the productivity. So it is always necessary to handle it smooth as far as possible in the initial stage itself. In order to solve the problem it has to be handled in a professional way so that it makes sense and the business relationship is well maintained. There is always a way to approach to a problem and it has to be like tackled so that it won’t hurt anybody’s feelings first and also without any lose to the efficiency of the office. You can make an attempt to talk to the person in personal to get a solution instead of pointing their mistake in front of everybody. This might strike their ego which will lead to opposite reactions from them.

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How To Build An App Like Uber Or Lyft

There are things in here I agree with even if I disagree with much of it. There are certainly issues with public shaming as a tactic on the Left, but I think that’s a separate issue from identity politics. Anyone who has been called bourgeois by a Trotskyist for talking about sexual harassment knows that no one has a monopoly on shame or name-calling. Telling Leftists to stop talking about identity politics tends to backfire, because as you say, people don’t like being told what to do. It’s also a mischaracterization to discuss ‘identity politics’ or ‘policing’ as a uniquely left wing phenomenon. What if all the people who don’t like what they deem ‘identity politics’ just started focusing their energy on the stuff they DO want to talk about – in your case, financial regulations and economics? You aren’t obligated to stop talking about those things just because someone else is doing what you deem ‘identity politics’. And still economics and financial regulations will overlap with the meat of what is called ‘identity politics’. Immigration, for example is about race and finance at the same time, as is the prison industrial complex.

Journalists cover closing session of 18th CPC National Congress Journalists cover closing session of 18th CPC National Congress - - 웹

Including Google Maps or any other map service within your app will lead to an easier way of pinpointing the pickup or drop location by the customer. This feature will help customers trace the nearest driver in their vicinity and let them know the ETA on their ride. Customer many times forget about their cab booking and then the customer’s, as well as the driver’s time, is wasted. To avoid this, integrating push notification in your app will give timely updates to the customer about their rides ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Payment being the last but most important aspect of any ride is to be given a lot of sincere thinking and consideration. Giving your customers a simple and quick way of payment is as important as giving them a quality ride experience. Giving your customer as many payment gateways possible is very important as they would opt for your service instead of others if they can get more ways of payment. In the beginning, you only need these 6 basic functions to build an app like Uber or Lyft.

These features may seem less and basic but even Uber didn’t start with a fully furnished high-end app that we see today. They launched a similar basic app and then learned from customer reviews and experience and kept on improving. After achieving this much development part in your app, you may think to take more time and develop the app furthermore to make it market ready. But, as a startup, you are losing money as long as you keep your app off the market. Launching the app should be the next step. After taking customer reviews you can keep developing the app as much as you want. Above mentioned features are just the basic version of your app which definitely needs many upgrades and additions. Most of which you will receive via customer suggestions and expert opinions from your taxi app development team. Giving just your share of fare is a better option instead of paying for everyone and then waiting for all your fellow riders to pay you back.

It’s a really useful feature if you are riding with friends, colleagues or just carpooling with other customers. This again is a useful feature for carpooling where everyone has different drop-off point. This feature helps the driver to know how many drops to make for one ride and what route to take. It’s an amazing feature for all those who have an organized calendar. This feature would let you book your ride and destination a week before so that no end time hasty booking would be needed. Building your own online taxi booking app is a really profitable startup idea but it would need you to have a really efficient taxi app development team to match your speed and needs. Your taxi app developers should help you understand the technical details instead of confusing you with technical mumbo-jumbo and trying to make an extra buck off your back. Getting such a team could be difficult but surely rewarding.

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How To Have Hack-Proof Elections In America, Easily, And Why Politicians Are Against It

It may come as a surprise to many people that we can now easily have elections that are virtually hack proof. The only reportage of this development has been not from any major media, but from alternative news sites such as Jonathan Alter’s Alternet. Local media has duly reported court fights over the central element of the solution: the digital images of all paper ballots taken in about half the country’s voting jurisdictions..But they fail to place these stories in the greater context. The context is this. These citizen-activists, many of whom are well-known among people who study election integrity, concern themselves with making sure that every legal vote is counted, and with making sure that all who are eligible to vote get the chance to. But before discussing the unreported story of how to get to hack-proof elections, it is necessary to understand how vote-counting in most of America works. After the 2000 presidential fiasco, many states moved to voter hand-marked paper ballots, fed into an optical scan vote counting machine.

This was a positive development, since a paper ballot hand-marked by the voter is the best permanent record of a voter’s intentions. This is undisputed by the true experts not tainted by business or the corrupt political interests which rule us now. This kind of fraud is called election fraud, as opposed to voter fraud, which is when an unqualified voter casts an illegal vote. Election fraud, or vote flipping, is the easiest manner by which an election’s outcome can be altered, whether it is by one percent or twenty. It is also the hardest to detect, at present, and therefore the least risky. The machine prints a serial number on the paper ballot matching to one on the digital image, which is then stored in electronic memory. All this makes for a powerful matrix for verification of the actual vote, even if the machine’s software has been hacked. Such hacking takes place when someone, either inside the country or outside, breaks into the software and inserts instructions to add or subtract votes from a candidate’s total, regardless of what the paper ballots actually say.

Election Transparency activists, a name which invokes a key principle of honest elections, transparency, call this the voter-hand-marked paper ballot, ballot imaging system. Again, now already in use in about half of US voting jurisdictions. So if half the US has this kind of strong system, politics what’s the problem? Why isn’t there more confidence in elections, which is at an all-time low? For one thing, besides the fact that not all US jurisdictions have this system, to be discussed later, both the ballots and the ballot images in these districts are kept secret. In fact, since transparency activists have discovered and weighed the potential of this audit feature, election officials across the country have fought tooth and nail to keep the ballot images from ever seeing the light of day. This is not a good sign. This is even though the industry has touted the value of the images as a feature by which machine vote counts can be initially verified, without breaking out the paper ballots. An example of this is a page from a pamphlet from Dominion Systems, a key maker of optical scan vote counting machines, below.

Examples of court fights over even preserving the ballot images, nevermind posting them, can be seen in Arizona, Alabama, Ohio, and Massachusetts, to name a few. There may be good reasons to keep the public from pawing through the paper ballots at their leisure to verify machine counts for themselves, but not so the ballot images. They are entirely anonymous, do not require special handling, and all of them in a county could be posted online or burned onto a DVD at minimal cost. The grassroots election transparency community, in contrast to “experts” from government election departments, congressional committees, and academia, has coalesced around this best-of-breed solution. The only thing better, most agree, would be counting voter-hand-marked paper ballots by hand, in public. If all ballot images were to be posted for public verification of vote-counting machines, which again can be easily hacked, whether they are on the Internet or not, then such hacks can be more easily detected. The votes on the images should add up to the same numbers reported out by the machines. If not, this warrants the paper ballots being brought out, and counted by hand, in public.

The Cumulative Effect Is Flagrant Corruption

The news media and me, reacting to Donald Trump & family having supper without the news media being present.

Early capitalism required a constantly expanding market for selling its products & a constantly expanding pool of cheap labour. This led to the discovery of the ‘new world’ & the extermination of its indigenous inhabitants; to colonialism, countless massacres & two world wars. As the world market was finite, capitalism also had to intensify exploitation & create a need for consumer goods. This was the source of class struggle. Collective action by producers was the one threat to capital, so it also had to intensify divisions, between skilled & unskilled workers, manual & mental labour, ‘men’s’ & ‘women’s’ work. As a result the products of capitalism are designed to keep us atomised; the process of production designed to make us slave harder. This was seen in ‘Fordism’ or ‘Taylorism’ when all tasks were broken down into component parts & workers’ time constantly controlled. This paper seeks to explain the dangers of capitalism, and how it can help developed countries economy. Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production is own and controlled by private individual.

ITALY POLITICS SENATE - 포토뉴스In capitalist society will have two classes of people the bourgeoisies which are those who have the means of production and proletariats which are the workers those who don’t have the means of production but have labor power . The bourgeoisies exploit the workers. Free enterprise, also known as capitalism, is an economic system where the individuals in the economy have the freedom to create business and conduct economic activity with little or no government intervention. Capitalism is the predominant economic system of the world economy; the system has several important advantages that make it an efficient way to organize the economy. Development is not purely an economic phenomenon but rather a multi-dimensional process involving reorganization and reorientation of entire economic and social system. Watler Roodney defined development as the ability of society to tap its natural resources, in order to carter for material and social welfare of the people. Development is process of improving the quality of all human lives with three equally important aspects. Many critics have alleged that the capitalist system suffers from inherent instability that has characterized and plagued the system since the advent of industrialization.

Because capitalist growth is driven by profit expectations, it fluctuates with the changes in technological or social opportunities for capital accumulation. As opportunities appear, capital rushes in to take advantage of them, bringing as a consequence the familiar attributes of a boom. Sooner or later, however, the rush subsides as the demand for the new products or services becomes saturated, bringing a halt to investment, a shakeout in the main industries caught up in the previous boom, and the advent of recession. Hence, economic growth comes at the price of a succession of market gluts as booms meet their inevitable end. Africa, a continent with virtually all the resources it takes for development, is the worst hit by hunger, starvation, armed conflicts, instability, displacement and abject poverty. Politicians, jockeying for the little resources left by the capitalist class, display the politics of hide-and-seek, repression and oppression.This is mainly because of the system which encourages capital accumulation and profit-seeking. The cumulative effect is flagrant corruption, deprivation, wastage and impoverishment which intensifies underdevelopment.

The African working class has the cards in their hands for socialism if only they want it. Indeed, African conditions have revealed capitalism in its harshness and brutality: inequalities are too glaring. In the face of extremities of want and a meagre surplus, it is difficult to sell the idea that those who are in positions to accumulate should take what they can and leave the rest to suffer what they must. Africa’s ruling class has run out of ideas for fashioning and inspiring a functional development strategy, limited as it is by the constraints of working with ideas compatible with the maintenance of the existing property relations. But underdevelopment will surely persist if the existing capitalist relations of production are maintained, and if the dependence of Africa on international capital continues. Therefore, the overturning of the existing relations of production is necessary for overcoming underdevelopment. Socialism is inevitable if development is desirable. The fact is that Africa has less hope of development if the property relations of production and distribution and the market system continue. The reverse is the solution socialism abolishing capital accumulation and market profit-seeking and embracing production for need.

The Ten Secrets You Will Never Know About Online Flower Delivery

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The proverbs speak of wisdom as the ‘principle thing’ — the foremost element, the precious object that should be uppermost in all our minds, and sought with all of our heart. It has been said that ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Such a thing has so great a seed of disaster in it that it can bring a nation to its knees in a few short years. It is a slap in the face to the very people that Jesus came to die for — the poor — to see the rich bailed out and saved from calamity, and the bankrupted poor deeper in disaster and despair. Without faith, hope, and vision, a nation may perish — perhaps even a whole planet of nations. If this man Jesus finally returns, will he find faith and hope on the Earth? We need a new vision — hopefully one without religion and politics. For the two systems that the powers say we must have to be civilized have failed, so far neither has worked out to the advantage of humanity.

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